Summer 2018 Staff will be announced in coming months! Devin will be leading one week and guiding the new leaders of the other weeks.

Devin Berry
Program and On-Site Director July 9-13

IMG_0048I’ve been a part of the Monkey Business tribe as a Site Director and Program Director since 2007 and I’m honored to have the opportunity to direct another week of Boys on the Go this summer. I bring over 20 years experience working with youth to BOTG. In those years I’ve worked as a park ranger, farmer, teacher, counselor, naturalist aide and mindfulness teacher. Formerly I was the Youth Leadership Program Director of The Mosaic Project, co-lead a rites of passage group with The Stepping Stones Project and later created and led my own rites of passage group The Road Home. In the past few years I’ve facilitated weekly mindfulness groups for kids and teens, taught mindfulness around the Bay Area and staffed numerous teen meditation retreats for Spirit Rock and Buddhist Peace Fellowship. Most recently I founded the teen sangha at East Bay Meditation Center. I am a founding board member of the non-profit Mindful Peacebuilding and currently serve as a consultant and trainer for the organization SEEDS of Awareness. I’m the father of two daughters and a playful spirit who enjoys hiking, nature, baseball, basketball and always look forward to engaging and connecting with those who join the Monkey Business family.

Heather Mitchell
Founding Director

Hello everyone! I am so excited for this year of Boys on the Go!  Having grown up in Brooklyn and traveling by subway to Stuyvesant High School in New York for 3 years in my youth, I wanted to create a youth coming of age program with a core aspect being travel by public transit travel.  So grateful for the staff team that has come together to build this program and a big thank you to all of you families who believe in the power of the village in your child’s life.

T Maes
Group Leader (Winter Camp: December 18-22)

My name is Anthony, but my friends and family have always called me “T”. I was born and raised in the East Bay, graduated from UC Berkeley in 2004 with a degree in Psychology. Camp is my favorite time of the year. When I’m not here at camp, I teach mindfulness to teens, practice yoga with friends, teach acrobatics, play softball on my family’s team, and adventure around the Bay and beyond.




Griffin Dolin
I’ve been part of the Monkey Business community since 2005 when I started attending as a kindergartner. I have moved up the ranks from being a camper to a CIT, then to a JC, and now finally being lucky enough to take on the responsibility of being a counselor. I am so excited to be able to participate during this second summer of Boys on the Go. I only wish that this amazing program had been offered when I was a camper! I love everything from mountain biking and hiking, to playing baseball and volleyball, to playing music. Growing up in the Bay Area has given me so many experiences and so much valuable knowledge I know I would not have gotten elsewhere, and I hope I will be able to share some of it with my campers. I am looking forward to bringing my teenage energy to camp this summer and topping the fun that we had last year! I can’t wait to see all of you there!

Miles Kelekian
What’s up Monkey Business! My name is Miles Kelekian. I’ve been at Monkey business for the past 9 years – 3 as a camper, 3 as a counselor in training, and 3 as a junior counselor.  Monkey Business is one of the coolest, most fun camps I’ve attended and I truly enjoy spending my time here every summer. I’ve lived in Berkeley my entire life and am going into my senior year at Berkeley High School. I enjoy playing sports, spending time with my friends, and adventuring in the outdoors. I love meeting new people and learning new activities to do with others. I have so much fun hanging out with the campers every year and I’m looking forward to another awesome-packed summer at Monkey Business Camp!