Winter Camp

We had a fantastic Winter Camp this year! Check back next fall for details regarding next year’s Winter Camp. We’re looking at these dates: Dec 26-28, 2018 and Jan 2-4, 2019. If you are on our e-mail list, which you should be if you came to any of our camps this year, then you will get an e-mail once we announce dates and registration opening. If you are new to our camps, add yourself to our mailing list here.



December 18-22, 2017 (Mon-Fri)

Weekly or Daily Sign-Ups

8:30-3:30 with
Optional Extended Care from
8:00-8:30 and 3:30-6:00


Berkwood Hedge School:
1809 Bancroft Way, Berkeley

We will be meeting here for morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up, and then traveling by bus and BART to and from our field trip destinations.  For campers staying for afternoon extended care, for the 3:30-6:00 period, they will join the Monkey Business Camp program. One of their counselors will stay with them for an hour of aftercare.

Incredible space with outdoor play areas-think sand box, climbing structure and wall, big yard for basketball and other games, swings. And we’ll have an indoor space for playing board games and doing art, food and maker/craft activities.

“My child had a great time playing at the park, walking and Barting around the area, and visiting the fun spots with a great group of guys. The counselors were that perfect mix of firm and sensitive, and the youth leaders were present and up for any game the boys wanted to play. So great to know my son was with playful, creative, and grounded people!”


We welcome ages 9-13 to our program. We expect a maximum size of 14 boys.

Additional Info: Junior Counselors, usually 2 total, ages 14-17, join.  All campers hang out together.

“I really liked and trusted Devin and our counselors, and we chilled with other boys in a way that’s not possible at school.”


Click to see the schedule for Winter Camp 2017!

Additional Note: There is always something special and unplanned that comes up because of all of the campers and counselors. We don’t exactly know what that is, so cannot list it, but you can count on it happening! It’s that special something that can come about only with a group of people.

“I didn’t really want to go to a camp but this was all boys and we were like a team. It was soooo much fun and Devin and the staff were really chill.”~12 year old camper


Camper Fees (see YOUTH LEADERS section below for JC fees)
Weekly Sign-Ups Only for this program since we are traveling around town as a group and need to cover ground rules on our first day.

 Camper Fees
Sign Up by Nov 1st
Camper Fees
Sign Up by Dec 1st
Camper Fees
Sign up After Dec 1st
Last Minute
After 2pm Fri Dec 15th
Basic Week (M-F, 8:30-3:30, 35 hours)
(includes multi-day sign up special)
Basic Day 8:30-3:30
~7 hour day~
With Multi-Day Special
3 days or more (can be shared by siblings)
Daily AM extended care fun 8-8:30$5$5$7Drop-In Rates below
Daily PM extended care fun 3:30-6:00$20$20$25Drop-In Rates below

AM and PM ext. care fun rates listed in chart above are advance weekly sign up rates, and depending on the date you sign up vary from $8-$10/hour.  After 2pm the Friday before camp, Drop-In Last Minute Extended Care available on site for $13/hour; $7/half hour.

“While this camp is not the cheapest one around, it’s one of the greatest investments I have made. I keep coming back as, in this day and age, I want my child to have connections with a community that is modeling respect and kindness, within having a really fun time.”

Financial Aid

  • We want our camp to be accessible to all families, as it makes our camp a better place.  The budget it takes to run a high quality, award winning camp with thoughtful programming and higher than average teacher pay is high. We have created various options for folks including flexible “no fee” payment plan options at the online payment page, and financial aid and work exchange available by application.  Please apply if you have need, and refer those in your networks who might not realize about this option.
  • It takes a village, so if you have something extra to give to our scholarship fund, round up your tuition on the online registration portal, from $2-$20.  Even these small to larger gifts made it so 10 days of camp were available last year to kids who otherwise could not have afforded it.  We screen applications for lower incomes to insure your money really going to those who need it.


  • Looking for more answers to your questions? Click on FAQs and Policies links above for refund policy, food allergy information, etc.
  • Campers bring their own lunch and morning snack. We provide PM aftercare fun snack of fruit, veggie, crackers, cheese. These are 95% organic, low sugar, with gluten and dairy free options. We are a nut and nut butter free camp, to help keep our campers safe. As we travel about town, we sometimes get occasional treats.
  • We require campers to be able to operate within our ratio of 1:9, so if your child has medical, behavioral or emotional needs that will need additional coaching or support, please contact our office, as we might be able to welcome your camper with the support of your aide/coach.
  • A link with camp information will be included in your confirmation, and you will receive via e-mail a final update the Wednesday before camp begins.

“I so appreciated that they offered soy milk option when making ice cream so that my child could participate.  Thank you, as I have not found any other camp that has accommodated my child’s food allergies to this degree.”


Monkey Business Camp has a wonderful rotating roster of Counseling Staff, many of whom grew up at our camp and want to give back to the campers who attend now. We are thrilled to announce that for Boys on the Go Winter, we will have returning staff Devin Berry as our Site Director. We will announce the other leader once we confirm. Click here to see bios and photos.

“I most enjoyed the fact that there was a really cool inter-generational thing happening among the boys, teens, and young men. Devin welcomed and encouraged the younger boys, who were in turn supported by the teens, who were in turn guided by the young men and were being mentored by Devin. I saw such a magical tribe and village being created I realized that every boy needs this kind of support from the community.”


We will be recruiting 2 Junior Counselors, age 14-16, who were former campers or JCs at Boys on the Go or Monkey Business Camp. Parents tell us their children love the youth leaders at our camp, as they provide a fun, mentoring presence. The JCs will support the staff in a variety of ways, including leading a game, helping the girls get on and off trains and buses safely, and helping welcome all kids. There will be an orientation handbook in your confirmation e-mail with more details. Parents, please answer yes to the questions below before registering for the Boys on the Go Winter Camp youth leadership program:

  1. My child was a Boys on the Go or MBC camper or JC, loved it and wants to help bring a great experience for Boys on the Go campers.
  2. My child likes helping younger kids and enjoys creating a positive space.

Junior Counselor (JC) Fees

 JC Fees
Sign Up by Dec 1st
JC Fees
Sign up After Dec 1st
Basic Week - 35 hours
Weekly sign up only option
AM extended care fun 8-8:30*no chargeno charge
PM extended care fun 3:30-6:00$30$30

AM and PM extended care fun rates listed in chart above are advance sign up weekly rates, and depending on the date you sign up vary from $2.40-$3/hour.  After 2pm the Friday before camp, Drop-In Extended Care available on site for $13/hour; $7/half hour.

* This extended care is only available at no charge in advance. Dropping in will be charged at our normal drop in rates.

“It was so wonderful for my son to be a youth leader with staff who are looked up to by the kids and who use humor that keeps the kids guessing. The staff are great role models.”